The Belles know a little bit about pretending, and they're not afraid to sing about it. The mother/daughter duo put heartbreak in a pretty cute party dress during the "Didn't Break Mine" lyric video, available first on Taste of Country.

Jaymie (mom) and Kelli Jones (daughter) are the Belles, a country duo that's drawing comparisons to the Judds for reasons obvious, and some not so much obvious. That's Kelli you hear singing lead on a song that finds a girl putting on a smile to let her ex-boyfriend know she's over him, even though she is definitively not. It's a special dichotomy between what she's singing about and how she's singing it. That irony is part of what makes "Didn't Break Mine" special.

This is actually the second family band Jaymie Jones has been a part of. For two years she was in the Los Angeles-based acoustic pop group Mulberry Lane with her three sisters, but eventually they all moved back to Omaha, Neb., to raise families. The daughter half of the Belles has since moved to Nashville and is finding her place in the songwriting community, as well.

"Didn't Break Mine" is one of four songs this duo has cut with producer Mickey Jack Cones. "We really focused on what would be great live,” Kelli says, "especially because singing live is what I grew up doing. We don’t see many women acts on the road."

You can keep up with the Belles on the road at their official website. Their debut EP is out now.

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