Things got rowdy Wednesday night (March 8) at a Cadillac Three show in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, when lead singer Jaren Johnston broke up a fight in the crowd.

During a performance of their song, "Peace Love & Dixie," Johnston noticed two concertgoers getting into a physical altercation. In a video posted on Instagram, Johnston is heard telling the two people to "chill. It’s called 'Peace, Love & Dixie,' c’mon, man. Dude, you hit that girl again, I’m comin’ in, son," Johnston threatens before throwing his guitar down and jumping into the crowd to stop the fight.

The singer turned to social media the next day to address the situation, calling out the male fan who was hitting another female fan, saying he owes the Cadillac Three star a new guitar after it broke when he dropped it to stop the fight. "To the d---head I had to jump in the crowd and choke out for hitting a girl in Vancouver….you owe me a new guitar. A-hole," Johnston wrote in an Instagram post on Thursday (March 9). That post has since been deleted.

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The Cadillac Three are currently on their headlining 2017 Black Roses Tour that kicked off in January and wraps up on March 17 in Sacramento, Calif. "It’s been amazing. We kind of felt like it was time to kind of get after it on our own and see what we’ve been doing and how it adds up to our own show, and it’s been pretty impressive so far," Johnston tells Taste of Country about the tour.

Up and coming acts including ToC RISERS artist Aubrie Sellers, Brent Cobb, Erik Dylan, Ray Wylie Hubbard and Quaker City Night Hawks are all on the road with the group as support acts.

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