The Civil Wars have released a new single called 'The One That Got Away' and made it available to fans via videos on Vevo and YouTube. The gloomy ballad marks the return of Joy Williams and John Paul White after seemingly announcing their breakup last November. 

In addition, a timeline for their next album was made available. The follow-up to the critically acclaimed 'Barton Hollow' will be released on August 6. All may not be well with Williams and White however.

In a press release from the duo's label, the tension that cause them to cancel all remaining touring dates was addressed and embraced. “The [new] album was recorded amidst a grueling touring schedule, exhausting workload and a growing disconnect from their families,” it reads, according to Entertainment Weekly.

"I miss the way you wanted me / When I was staying just out of your reach / Begging for the slightest touch / Ooo you couldn't get enough," Williams sings during the second verse. The song is ripe with drama, oozing dark emotions.

"I wish you were the one / I wish you were the one that got away," they sing during each chorus.

The new album will be self-titled. It was recorded between August 2012 and January 2013, according to the Times Daily. Charlie Peacock returns to produce the project.

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