Fans who are lucky enough to catch the Dirt Drifters on the road this fall during their Always a Reason Tour are in for an extra special treat. Not only will they get to see the five members up close and personal, but they'll be able to take home an extra piece of Drifter fun to enjoy year-round: their debut album, 'This Is My Blood.'

"We're doing a thing where if you come see us live during this Always a Reason Tour, then you get the whole record for free," Matt Fleener tells Taste of Country. "We feel that our best bet for what we are doing is our music. There's a lot of different marketing plans and all these things that go into the business end of it, but at the end of the day, it really comes down to the music you've made and we feel that our music stands up just as much as anyone else in this genre."

"We feel that if we can get our record into people's hands, it will carry us a lot longer than some slick marketing plan," Fleener continues. "So our thing is that we are a touring band, and we're going to tour all fall. If you come to a show, you get our record, and hopefully people will get to know us a little better."

The Always a Reason Tour is set to kick off in September, hitting around 35 cities across America. Click here for a complete list of dates where the Dirt Drifters will be performing. Their debut album on Warner Music Nashville, 'This Is My Blood,' is scheduled for release on July 19.

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