The Dirt Drifters' rootsy new single 'There She Goes' immediately separates itself from the mainstream of country music without alienating or offending. The five piece band rely heavily on background vocals in a way no one has tried recently.

The breakup song finds lead singer Matt Fleener mourning a girl that left him, and he sells it despite taking a third person perspective.

"That girl, she just left like a hurricane / He was standing in the pouring rain / Screaming out her first name," he sings to begin the song. "Well, you know you should have seen it coming from a mile away / But you didn't hear the wind change / Until you felt your heart break."

The lyrics are blunted some by the low-key arrangement, but the final product is what heartbreak really feels like. Moments of vivid memories between long stretches of numbness that ultimately reach an emotional peak just before the sky clears up. That swell comes just before the final chorus.

"Cause there she goes / Pedal mashed down, painted red toes, sunglasses on headed south on the dirt road / There she goes / Bye-bye, back to the wind, she's gone baby gone you'll never see her again / There she goes / You ain't nothin' but a used-to-be, another memory / There she goes," the band sings.

'There She Goes' is a smarter song that will pass by the 'Woman-Beer-Now' crowd. The band from four different states have turned their varying influences into a defined sound that's full of potential.

Listen to the Dirt Drifters, 'There She Goes'