The new single from the Lost Trailers continues down a singer-songwriter path the now-duo began to cut with 'Underdog' in 2011. While once a party band, their new sound is more Jason Mraz than Jason Aldean. The change fits. 

'American Beauty' begins with a happy guitar strum and singer Jason Wyatt matching the mood with an infectious melody. It's an easy sound to find yourself humming along to after half 0f a listen, even if it's just the well-placed "oh-oh-oh's."

"Blush, showing on your face / Smell of the hairspray / Springsteen on the radio waves / Lights, dancing in the field / Spinning ferris wheel / Get three throws for one dollar bill," the duo sing to begin the song. While the over three minute-long country-folk song is packed with descriptive lyrics, the song never feels anchored or bloated.

"Feels so good / So right / American beauty, American beauty / Fall in love tonight / American beauty, American beauty," Wyatt adds during the chorus.

A few artists have recorded songs in a similar pop-country style, but as of yet there isn't a sound on country radio one could claim the Lost Trailers are imitating. That either means 'American Beauty' will be warmly received as an original or innovative direction that marries the Gap and Carhartt crowds, or it will be cast aside like an empty soda can in a no refund state. Either way, the duo has succeeded in creating a unique artistic impression.

Listen to Lost Trailers, 'American Beauty'