After a merciless year, TV personality Savannah Chrisley sought to make the future her “yes” years. On Wednesday (March 13), Chrisley would embark on an adventure that isn’t second nature for her: Singing on national television.

Fans of The Masked Singer were shocked to find the 26-year-old behind the Afghan Hound.

In an interview with Taste of Country, she shares that it wasn’t a comfortable choice to say yes to the opportunity, but imperative for the bigger picture.

“I’m in such a chaotic place in life right now — always fighting,” she expresses. “Fighting for my parents, fighting for justice, all these different things. Life is just so serious. I feel like God was trying to tell me, 'Go have some fun.'”

In a voice package before her performance, Chrisley shares that this moment wasn’t just for her, but her whole family. With her parents, Todd and Julie Chrisley, in prison for bank fraud, although they aren’t physically there, she knew they were able to watch.

“My mom called me last night, she was dying laughing,” she tells Taste of Country as a smile spreads across her face. “Just to hear her laugh, that made it all worth it. That’s exactly why I did it. So I could bring laughter in a time that is so difficult.”

She was also doing this in honor of her ex-fiancé, who tragically died in a motorcycle accident last year.

Chrisley jokes that she wishes she could sing: “That would be the hottest thing ever!"

“I’m so bad they thought I’m a comedian,” she shares about a moment that didn’t make the episode cut. “This is amazing — at least they are laughing.”

The experience reminded her to not take life and herself so seriously, and with the hand she has been dealt this past year, that reminder isn’t always second nature.

Chrisley is the primary caretaker for her 15-year-old brother, Grayson, and 10-year-old sister, Chloe. She became a parent figure overnight — a role many her age can’t even fathom.

However, The Masked Singer surfaced something for her that she hasn’t been able to tap into for a long time: childlike joy.

“Due to my childhood, I grew up really fast. I was forced to grow up. Life kind of happened to me and not for me a lot of times. So, I definitely lost that spark, that childlike factor, fun, and playfulness.”

The Masked Singer reignited that emotion for her, almost serving as affirmation that it’s okay and good to tap into the joys and sorrows of life coexisting in the same space. She says it was God knowing exactly what she needed, and being so gracious to provide that opportunity.

Going forward, the experience brings open eyes to opportunities that on the surface might not seem “right,” but to try, regardless.

“I learned I can let loose, have fun. I don’t always have to be a fighter,” she declares. “I can do something for myself, have a little bit more grace for myself, and just have fun!”

For Chrisley, none of the judges were able to guess her correctly. Robin Thicke guessed Bethany Frankel, Jenny McCarthy-Wahlberg guessed Brooke Hogan and Ken Jong named Olivia Jade.

The Masked Singer is in its eleventh season, the second episode sporting The Wizard of Oz theme. The show airs on Wednesdays at 8PM ET/PT on Fox.

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