December 18 marked the final week of The Voice's Season 13 -- an exciting run that ended up seeing the final four contestants (Chloe Kohanski and Red Marlow from Team Blake Shelton, Addison Agen from Team Adam Levine and Brooke Simpson from Team Miley Cyrus) performing for viewers' votes. Each singer gets to do three songs: A cover, an original song, and a duet with their respective hopes of winning the title on Tuesday (Dec. 19).

Shelton's contestant Kohanski is by no means as country (even a scratch) as his other hopeful, the super-authentic Marlow. However, she does have a tremendous amount of fan support and a flexible vocal style that supports various genres (her specialty seeming to be on the classic rock side).

On Monday night, Kohanski performed with her coach Shelton, delivering the Roy Orbison classic "You Got It." While her husky, smoky vocals as usual stood out, they melded somewhat off-base with Shelton's own sunnier presentation and the general upbeat vibe of the song.

In general, it seems her style is better suited to darker/bittersweet songs, such as the Fleetwood Mac numbers she won attention with earlier in the season. However, Shelton looked upon her with a huge smile and almost parental pride in his eyes throughout the entire performance -- and it did further prove that she has a good flexible range for her talent.

Tune in tomorrow (Dec. 19) to see who wins this very competitive season. Who's your bet?

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