Tonight (Nov. 6), The Voice's Season 13 Knockouts rounds continue. In these rounds, team members are pitted against each other -- however, they don't sing together; each singer is allowed to perform a solo of their own choosing. One member wins, the other loses...and each coach is allowed one steal, should they choose to use it.

Kelly Clarkson -- who is famously tied to another reality show, American Idol -- is on hand to help the teams, which are headed by coaches Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Jennifer Hudson and Miley Cyrus. Clarkson herself will be a coach when The Voice returns for Season 14 in the spring.

Country fans are keeping an eye on Team Blake, and this week saw his choices Mitchell Lee and Anna Catherine DeHart testing talent against each other. Who went home and who prevailed?

Lee, who hails from South Carolina and originally got Shelton's attention with a cover of Hootie & the Blowfish's "Hold My Hand," chose another not-quite-country (but rootsy) tune this evening, namely Edwin McCain's 1998 single "I’ll Be."

Lee won accolades from Clarkson, who noted approvingly on his range, as well as Shelton, who found his confidence appealing.

DeHart went the full country route, selecting a ballad, "Breathe," by Faith Hill. The song is a pretty one, and Clarkson duly noted DeHart's "pretty" tone. However, it also demands a colorful, confident approach and range, as to which DeHart failed to bring much to the table. Overall, it was not an original or standout performance.

Hudson and Levine cast their votes for Lee, with Cyrus pulling for DeHart. Unsurprisingly, Shelton went with Lee, noting that he felt the singer was better equipped to handle the competition. Nobody stole DeHart, so unfortunately the singer found her way to the exit back home.

The Voice Season 13 will continue to air on Mondays and Tuesdays on NBC.

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