Tonight (Nov. 5) marked the first playoff round of The Voice, which next airs on Wednesday (Nov. 7) and Thursday (Nov. 8) this week in light of the election. Country coach Blake Shelton, celebrating his CMA Award win for Entertainer of the Year, saw his entire team perform live on this episode.

Before his charges performed, he said "It's like perfection. I have narrowed this down to five people who are going to give 100 percent tonight. It's going to make it tough for American and make it tough for me." He's referring to the fact that the public will vote on his team members and he will also be able to make a choice as to who stays and who goes.

Here's how each performer on Team Blake did.  Remember, we won't find out how each member fare in the voting until Thursday's results show.

Terry McDermott: The Scottish rocker with a cool mullet is a "stud," according to his coach. Shelton had him sing Journey's 'Don't Stop Believin',' since he believes that McDermott can modernize a song like that, and bring classic-sounding rock back to the forefront. Christina Aguilera praised how easy his voice is on the ears, and commended him for his tone, which is precise, clear, and effortless. "You're making classic rock new again and cool again, but that's not saying enough. I want America to know that when you start voting tonight, when God was passing out the ability to rock, he gave Terry just a little bit more," Shelton declared.  Yeah, Terry McDermott is genuine article rock 'n' roll and he is a Team Blake frontrunner.

Liz Davis: The big-haired blonde is the sole remaining country singer on Shelton's team and the only country singer remaining in Season 3 competition. All of her previous performances were outlaw country style and Shelton sought to soften her up a bit by having her belt a power ballad. Davis tackled Martina McBride's 'Independence Day,' proving that she can hit big notes and work a crowd in a different way. It doesn't always need to be hellfire style to make an impact. Her long, column gown was a smart attire choice, too. Davis cleaned up and classed up nice. Shelton said, "There is a lot on the line tonight, for me, since I am the country guy sitting here and you are the only country artist in the competition. I want to take one second and thank you for proving me right. You are the right country artist to bring into the live rounds. You did a great job." Davis certainly made the song her own tonight and she could go all the way and kick the doors down country acts on this show.

Cassadee Pope: The flame-haired pop-rock singer is leaving bandhood behind in order to go solo, and 'The Voice' is the first step to achieving that dream. She sang Avril Lavigne's 'My Happy Ending,' and didn't want to be predictable as the "pop-rock girl." Shelton thinks about her more than any other contestant he has ever worked with since he knows she has so much potential to be a superstar. We won't disagree with him there. She has a light-up-the-room smile, and can sing better than the person who made the song famous. It was a dynamic performance, where her vocal touches and flourishes made it her own, especially at the end. Shelton was rocking out in his big red space chair, as her vibrato gave the song some vulnerability. While Adam Levine said he can't tell who she is as an artist yet, Shelton disagreed, saying, "Everyone is finally getting to see who you are." He also reminded her she is a fan favorite, and that they are making they are making decisions now.

Michaela Paige: She is the youngest person in the competition and she tackled Neon Trees' bouncy smash 'Everybody Talks.' With her mohawk and frilly Betsey Johnson-style punk rock dress, she proved herself to be a born performer with barrels of energy. She really connected with the song and the crowd when she performed close to the fans. It was as though she absorbed their energy and developed into something larger than life because of it. Cee Lo said it was the best performance of the evening, while Shelton said, "Oh my god, you're making me look so smart. I am excited to hear what they are saying. Was it the best performance of the night? It was. America, vote for this girl." He totally has a soft spot for her, and was glad to see that he wasn't being biased.

Julio Cesar Castillo: He's truly a rarity for 'The Voice,' and he continues to impress with each round in which he performs. He sang 'El Rey,' a traditional mariachi song. Since he would be singing in a different language, Shelton told him to pull from an emotional place, so that it would translate, regardless of the language barrier, to the people watching at home. Since a large portion of people would not understand what he was saying, he had to demonstrate something non-musical. The performance earned him a standing ovation, and he made Latinos proud, including Xtina. "The thing Julio had to do was make everyone understand, emotionally, what's going on on that stage," Shelton said. Clearly, the singer followed his coach's advice and won the crowd and the coach's panel over.

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