Thomas Rhett and Lauren Akins may be one of country's youngest love stories, but they're also one of the sweetest. This is one couple who aren't afraid to show off their relationship on social media, so we're celebrating them with 10 of our favorite Instagram photos!

TR and Lauren tied the knot on Oct. 12, 2012, but they've known each other since grade school. They dated briefly as young teens, but try as Rhett might, it didn't work out. Luckily, they remained friends, and when the time was right, they tried their luck at love once again. It only took one kiss for them to realize they are soulmates and they were engaged shortly after.

"We kissed, and that was it. We dated for probably six months," Rhett told us back in 2012, just before his nuptials. Ever since then we've enjoyed following their love story through music videos and personal snapshots.

Celebrate Thomas Rhett and Lauren's love story in these sweet, silly and too-cute-for-words pictures!

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