Thomas Rhett is more or less in 'shape,' but the 24-year-old singer wants to incorporate stretching into his 2015 workout routine, which can only help his already smooth dance moves.

Rhett spent much of 2014 on the road playing shows. The high-energy sets have helped him stay fit, and with the help of his wife, he's also eating healthier. But he'll become more flexible as the new year rolls along.

“Our New Year’s resolutions this year might be a bit different, because me and my wife have done a pretty decent job at tryin’ to stay in shape and eat right," Rhett explains, "But I would say that my New Year’s resolution would be to stretch more."

Now that he's getting some much-deserved recognition for his dance moves, he's got to stay limber. Stretching will help that and help him fit into those skin-tight jeans he likes to wear. Rhett admits he's even considering adding yoga to his workout regimen!

"To maybe do a little bit more diverse workouts, such as yoga, maybe hot yoga, maybe sweat house kinda thing," he shares. "Maybe get more into the whole stretching spiritual mind set of things. Yeah, that might be my New Year’s resolution."

Before he starts stretching himself thin, Rhett is enjoying the warm weather in Hawaii with his wife, as well as labelmate Justin Moore.

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