Thomas Rhett and his wife will be welcoming a baby girl any day now, but the couple are also making irreplaceable memories with the daughter they already have. In an "awww!"-inducing video posted to Instagram on Friday night (Aug. 4), the adorable family all burst out laughing when Rhett plays "Kiss Monster" with his toddler, Willa Gray.

Rhett filmed the video, which starts off with his nine-months-pregnant wife Lauren sitting on their porch swing holding Willa, the child they welcomed in May after a year-long adoption process. The adorable little girl gets a laugh from Mom when she squeaks, "Daddy!", then starts to put up a fake struggle as Rhett approaches and announces, "The Kiss Monster has arrived, and he needs his kisses!"

Little Willa emits cute little protests of "No!" as he leans in, though the laughing star is blocked from landing his kiss by the very camera he's holding. "Say, 'Bye, Daddy,'" Lauren says with a laugh, with her little girl promptly saying, "Bye, Daddy," to another round of laughter.

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The couple have gotten to spend plenty of bonding time with Willa as the birth of their biological daughter approaches. The girl is due on Aug. 8, and Rhett has cleared his schedule to be home for a long stretch before releasing his new album, Life Changes, on Sept. 8.

Rhett feels confident Willa is going to be a great big sister, though he admits she doesn't yet comprehend exactly what's happening.

"I don’t think she fully knows what it means that Lauren’s pregnant, or that she’s gonna have a sister," he told Taste of Country at Country Jam 2017, "but I think once our new child is born, I think Willa is gonna really be her rock and her big sister."

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