One scroll through Thomas Rhett's Instagram and you'll find loads of photos of his adorable, lovable daughters. The "Life Changes" singer is big on family and often lets his girls — including his wife, Lauren — be the inspiration for his songs. And, in this case, a featured artist.

In a recent video, Rhett sings an unreleased song about being a father to four girls: Willa Gray, 6, Ada James, 4, Lennon, 1, and newborn Lillie. The lyrics include lines about the days being long, but the years being short. In the background there's the voice of one of his girls, most likely Lennon, talking and repeatedly saying "Daddy."

The "Country Again" singer proceeds to serenade her with a smile on his face as he paints a picture of life at the Akins house. At one point, he nods in his daughter's direction while singing, "one needs a nap and the other needs attention."

We catch a glimpse of his sweet girl as he sings, "Come here, baby, why you crying?" She puts her face right next to the guitar and continues her toddler babble. Rhett can't help but chuckle before regaining his composure and continuing with, "Daddy's got you, everything is fine." She seems content with that response and returns to her off-camera activities.

"Thought a parent could use this today haha #yearsareshort," Rhett writes as his caption on the video. It's certainly relatable to any parent, as it details life with children.

"One needs a bottle, one needs a diaper, it's a full-time job, ain't no 9-to-5er. Running on coffee and fumes, tornado in the living room," Rhett sings. "Days are long, go on and on, before you know it they're up and gone. So tough it on out, let it all sink in, 'cause these times ain't never coming back again."

With two albums coming in 2022 — Where We Started and Country Again: Side B — it's likely that this one could be included in either tracklist.

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