The evolution of musical genres has been swift over the last decade or so, as artists experiment with a wider range of musical influences and infuse new sounds into their style. Thompson Square’s Keifer Thompson thinks this will result in a lack of any genres at all 10 years from now.

“I think we will be genre-less in ten years,” he tells “That is a little sad, because country music has always — it hasn’t been pop music — it’s always been that. So when everyone else was doing their thing, country music always had a smaller stake in the claim, but it was always country music and you always knew it when you heard it. You can’t really make that distinction anymore sometimes.”

He says this is due to the massive blending of other styles into the genre.

“We’ve kind of opened the flood gates for an influx of different genres to kind of step into country music, ya know? Is country music country music anymore? It’s getting less and less that,” Thompson comments.

Though he is not thrilled with the direction country is going, Thompson doesn’t necessarily think it can’t evolve from the early days.

“I don’t think it needs to go back to George Jones and Johnny Cash, but I do think the songs need to have some more meat on ‘em,” he says. “And get back to some story songs, that mean somethin’ … What is country music, it’s a relative term. The cool thing about what’s going on right now is the people are telling us what country music should sound like. I think as an artist, what you have to do is be yourself. I think if people want to buy it, people want it, people love it, then God bless ya … whether I like it or not, it doesn’t really matter.”

When he’s not contemplating the state of country music or playing shows, Thompson and wife Shawna are preparing for a new addition to their family, due to arrive in January. Shawna recently shared a photo of her adorable baby bump via Instagram, but there's no news yet on whether Baby T will be a boy or a girl.

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