After 16 years of marriage, Shawna Thompson and her husband Keifer of Thompson Square are adding a bundle of joy to their family in January, and Shawna recently shared the progress of their little bun in the oven via social media.

Shawna is seen posing with her adorable baby bump and an equally cute tiny photo-bomber, Barkley, the couple’s dog.

The couple have already been given many gifts by fans for their new addition since the announcement earlier in August, but they have yet to reveal the sex of their baby on board. However, Thompson Square did tell Facebook fans they were taking bets on what they thought it would be, and so far, the  answers seem pretty divided!

The duo have been busy this summer, playing festivals around the country, but they sat down with Taste of Country at Country Jam to talk about Shawna’s new love of motorcycles.

“It’s so funny, Keifer bought a motorcycle thinkin’ he was gonna get away from me, and it turns out I like motorcycles, too,” Shawna explained with a laugh.

Perhaps now that they are expecting, however, she will stick to a more conventional vehicle.

Thompson Square also performed a USO show this summer, as well as at the Grand Ole Opry with surprise guest bluegrass legend Ricky Skaggs. The duo is currently working on a new record, for which the lead-off single “Trans Am” was released in April. No news yet on a release date for the full-length, but the band says the entire album will have an edgier, more rock-inspired sound like the single.

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