First there was Dolly, then Reba, then Shania ... and now Tiffany. The one-time teen pop star who used shopping malls as concert venues back in the late '80s -- the now nearly 40-year-old 'I Think We're Alone Now' singer -- is ready to come back to music and the genre of country. The California bar where Tiffany performed as a teenager, Rose Tattoo, is the name of her new country album, which came out a few weeks ago.

Tiffany co-wrote every song except one on her first foray into country music. Cut No. 1 on 'Rose Tattoo' is the party song 'Feel the Music. Tiffany tells CMT, "I think I'm representing women a little bit [with 'Feel the Music']. We're moms, we've been married, but we're not dead, you know? We still want to be hip and cool -- and we can! We want to go out on the town for one night and that's OK!"

Another cut, 'Just Love Me,' is really a self portrait of the singer learning to like herself. "I know no different than to be myself at this point," she explains. "I think you have to go through life and grow up a little bit to be in that situation. So when I write songs, it's a lot about that. When I say 'just love,' it's truly 'just love me.' I know I'm not perfect. There's something so humble and simple about saying that and being open to that."

Tiffany is not a stranger to country. The first song she ever learned to sing (at 4-years-old) was Tanya Tucker's 'Delta Dawn.' She has also done what is needed to be accepted into the close-knit music scene in Nashville. She now lives there, and she's a frequent attendee at writers nights around town.

Like anyone who's new to country, Tiffany hopes that fans will like both her and her singing voice. She says, "To me, the biggest compliment is when somebody comes up and says, 'I really connected with that song. That song was speaking to me.' Or, 'I'm down in the dumps but I put that song on and it lifts me a little bit. It gives me hope.'"

To hear all eight tracks of 'Rose Tattoo,' head to Tiffany's official site.