It's difficult to put anything resembling a new spin on a lost-love country song, but Tiffany Woys has managed exactly that with the new video for "Love Has No Heart" — with a little help from some of the top songwriters in contemporary country music.

Sara Haze, Trevor Rosen and Shane McAnally teamed to co-write, "Love Has No Heart," a powerful ballad that provides a perfect showcase for Woys to show off her vocal range in a soaring performance that displays power when it's needed, but also restraint in the more delicate moments of the song. The lyrics describe a woman shattered in the aftermath of a love that's no more.

"Love just don’t care / Who’s in its path / Love won’t slow down / And it don’t look back / It don’t give a damn / Who it tears apart / It just moves on and on and on and on and on and on and on / Love has no heart," she sings.

The video for the song tells a love story, intercutting scenes from a couple's wedding with what appear to be intimate shots from their courtship. But as the clip reaches its conclusion, it becomes clear that they're no longer together, and her former love is actually now marrying someone else.

“I am so excited for everyone to see this video!" Woys tells us. "This song means so much to me, and finally being able to bring it to life for everyone is the most incredible experience! My team really made this story feel larger than life. Thank you, Taste of Country, for giving this video a platform. I am so grateful!”

The Sacramento native was raised on country music, and she's lived the heartbreak she sings about in "Love Has No Heart." Shortly after she made the move from California to Nashville, her longtime boyfriend broke off their relationship.

“We were together for almost five years. I thought he was my soulmate. He’d been with me from the start of the journey, went to every honky-tonk show, sat in the small bars, waited until three in the morning, all of it," she recounts. "I moved to Nashville and he visited once. Then not even three months after I moved, he called me and said, ‘I don’t love you anymore and I’m never going to move. Goodbye.’”

Woys had already wanted to record “Love Has No Heart,” but Brett Young had had the song on hold. When it became available again, she jumped at the chance to record it.

“We all do have a story and ‘Love Has No Heart’ really represents a lot of people’s stories and how they feel,” she says. “Country music was built on the foundations of heartbreak and love songs. Someone’s heart is always breaking. Someone is always falling in love. Those songs are never going to go out of style and that’s why I relate to those the most. Everyone makes fun of me because if I put my phone on shuffle, it’s always sad songs. Even if I’m super happy, I still listen to sad songs because there’s something about them that really grabs you and it takes you back to something. Sometimes it will empower you and make you feel good or it will make you cry and maybe take you back to that place.”

"Love Has No Heart" appears on Woys' self-titled EP, which is available for download or streaming via a variety of digital music retailers. For more information about Tiffany Woys, visit her official website, or follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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