During a career that spanned 25 years, Tim Hensley sang, performed and recorded with country music legends like Patty Loveless, Ricky Skaggs and Kenny Chesney and earned the respect of a generation of Nashville artists. The Cincinnati, Ohio-born mulit-instrumentalist died after his liver failed on April 30.

Hensley began his career as a member of Skaggs' band, but one year later began a 10-year run with Loveless that would produce much of her most important music. His harmonies were an important part of her sound, and he was praised by numerous publications. In 1999, he took a job on Chesney's tour and stuck with him for over 10 years. The superstar helped produce his lone solo album, 'Long Monday,' from 2008.

Hensley did not re-join Chesney's band after his one-year hiatus in 2011. He is survived by his wife Carla.

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