Tim McGraw's three daughters aren't that much different than most teenage girls, besides the fact that their dad is one of the most famous country stars on the planet. While Dad's music puts food on the table and a roof over their heads, it's not what's blaring from their stereos and iPods.

Instead, the girls prefer British boy band One Direction, who are worshipped by most girls age 18 and under the world over.

“Mumford & Sons is a big hit at our house," McGraw admits, sharing a peek into his home life. "One Direction, of course, is a big hit at our house. But certainly not Dad. They don’t listen to Dad very often."

Perhaps they'll come around when they are a little older and can appreciate the storytelling in a quality country song. For now, let 'em love a boy band and their frothy pop confections.

McGraw also revealed that his daughters Gracie and Maggie are exploring their independence, which means they don't exactly want ol' Dad rolling up at the movie theater or the mall to pick them up. Still, family time remains important for them all.

“My 16-and-15-year-olds don’t want a whole lot to do with me now," the singer shares. "They’re pretty busy with their social lives. But I think that’s an even more important reason to be home. Luckily, for me, the way I tour, I fly a lot, so that allows me to be home quite a bit."

The McGraw girls sure are lucky to have Tim for a dad, even if they don't appreciate it quite yet. Perhaps the 'Highway Don't Care' singer can use his celeb connections to score his daughters some face time with 1D? That'll earn him some brownie points.


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