The last few records Tim McGraw has put out have been groundbreaking in that he did not use studio musicians on them, instead opting to use his own band, the Dance Hall Doctors. McGraw's next studio album (and the last for Curb Records), 'Emotional Traffic,' will once again have an interesting twist: "I went and found different musicians and put together a very eclectic band. A couple of the guys from Paul McCartney’s band play on this album," the 'Southern Voice' singer tells the Caller-Times.

McGraw goes on, "The keyboard player from the Foo Fighters plays on this album. The guitar player from Alanis Morissette’s band plays on this album. So I really put a cool, eclectic band together." He adds, "I was searching for something different and some fresh sounding songs and a different approach to songs. I was still trying to find the best songs that I could find, but find stuff that sort of had a freshness to me."

Since 1992, McGraw has put out 10 ten studio albums, with 'Southern Voice' being the latest release in 2009. The country star says, "I think this [the eclectic musicians he has chosen] sort of gives it an energy, bringing these guys out of the rock world into my world and doing this fusion sort of music that I do. I think it gives it a nice edge and sort of an energy to it that you wouldn’t normally have."

'Emotional Traffic' is recorded and ready for fans to hear, but Curb Records has not yet given it a street date.

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