Tim McGraw ditched his black cowboy hat to get a little wet in order to bring awareness to ALS, or Lou Gehrig's Disease. The star is the latest country singer to take on the Ice Bucket Challenge head first!

Celebrities everywhere are stepping up and getting doused with freezing cold ice water for the challenge, even extending the dare to their famous friends. The main purpose is to bring awareness to the disease, but participants also donate money to the cause.

In the video of his challenge, McGraw sports a white T-shirt and cargo shorts while his wife Faith Hill seems to be manning the camera. Two young girls -- including what appears to be his daughter, Audrey -- had the honor of dumping the bucket of ice water on the singer.

"I've been challenged to participate in the ALS ice bucket challenge to strike out ALS," McGraw says, while the girls giggle to one another. "So before I do it, I'm going to challenge Tyler Perry, Garrett Hedlund and Chris Martin."

McGraw stepped outside of the realm of country music for his challenges. After Keith Urban challenged him, McGraw extended the invitation to the multi-talented Perry, 29-year-old Hedlund -- who also appeared in the movie 'Friday Night Lights' with the country singer -- and Coldplay's frontman, Martin.

"With the help of my trusty assistants, I'm going to be doused in ice right now," McGraw says. "Here we go."

The girls pour the water all over McGraw, mostly missing his head and face, but he lets out a yelp, anyhow. What says you, Garth Brooks? It's your turn!

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