Over the last several years, country music has vastly transformed, now incorporating many different styles of music into its sound. Tim McGraw attributes a lot of these new styles to the growing popularity of music in general -- and the fact that it's now literally accessible anywhere. 

“I think that you can go way back, and you can go back to the days when there were only a few radio stations that you could listen to, and so your influences were smaller,” McGraw explains. “I think now at the push of a button there’s any kinda music in the world, I mean you can go on a radio station in Paris and listen to music if you want to. So everybody is exposed to so much more music and all that music sort of blends together and everybody learns from everybody else, and everybody’s fans of everybody else.”

It's no surprise that the star's fellow country musicians (including wife Faith Hill) influence him, but he also finds inspiration a little closer to home. McGraw's three daughters also help inspire his music, since they listen to a plethora of music themselves.

“The more music is exposed to you and the more you hear and the more styles of music you hear, that’s always going to be an influence on what you do," the singer says.

The evolution of country is something McGraw has accepted, but he says all music -- regardless of genre -- has the same message.

"I think there’s a little tweak here and there that causes it to be country, or causes it to be pop, or causes it to be something else," he shares. "But I think the essence of what we do and the message of what we do and sort of the impetus of everything that we do, all sort of comes from the same place and we all get fed the same way."