While Luke Bryan is out on the road playing covers of Tim McGraw tunes, McGraw is backstage rehearsing with a Bryan classic. The artist has been releasing a series of behind-the-scenes covers, including a special tribute to the late Lynn Anderson, and decided to take on Bryan’s ballad “Do I” as his next conquest.

The video, which the caption says was recorded during a thunderstorm in St. Louis, opens with a hilariously dramatic interpretation performed by McGraw’s band and crew members, then launches into the somber tune. McGraw can’t keep a straight face as he tries to sing to his forlorn bandmate, but the rest of the performance shows how versatile and talented the singer is.

McGraw recently released a new single, “Top of the World" — a sweet, laid-back love song about the feeing you get when you’ve found that special person. He dedicated its release to NASA and the astronauts on the International Space Station, sending a video message to them on his Twitter page.

Down here on earth, Bryan issued a new album called Kill the Lights on Aug. 7, and he's been all over the place since. Check out his new app to keep up with where he's been, where he's going and what he's up to.

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