2015 is the year for new music from Luke Bryan. The singer released Kill the Lights on Friday,  Aug. 7, and has finally announced the track list and songwriters for his fifth studio album. Taste of Country went digging to find everything there is to find out about the project. He's made some changes, but many of the names are familiar to fans of his.

The Single:

If "Kick the Dust Up" is indicative of the full album, expect more of what you've grown to love from Bryan. Dallas Davidson and friends penned the hip-hop inspired country party song. Sonically it's similar to the edgy "That's My Kind of Night," Bryan's lead single from his last album. Bryan has also released a sexy new single, "Strip It Down."

Davidson also tells Taste of Country he and Bryan wrote a song called "Little Country Boys" that's about raising boys, something the Entertainer of the Year obviously knows a thing or two about. At the time, Davidson seemed confident it would make the album, but the full track list doesn't show that title. The only song they wrote together is "Buddies." Did it get dropped or did they change the title?

The Producer:

Jeff Stevens returns to produce the album. His son Jody also joins him for "Kick the Dust Up" and many more. Together or separately they helped write four of the 16 tracks. The elder Stevens has helped or solely produced all of Bryan's albums, in addition to co-writing a number of his songs.

The Songs:

Typically Bryan's albums haven't served as auto-biographies, with the exception of the personal "Drink a Beer." That means it's unlikely you'll hear much about Bryan's recent household changes, or any struggles he and his wife have experienced together. The Peach Pickers helped write many of these songs, as did members of Old Dominion and well-known songwriters (and frequent Bryan collaborators) Ashley Gorley, Chris Destefano and Luke Laird).

Here is the full track-listing. The collaboration with Little Big Town's Karen Fairchild stands out as Bryan has rarely included other voices on his albums.

1. “Kick the Dust Up” (Dallas Davidson, Chris Destefano, Ashley Gorley)
2. “Kill the Lights” (Luke Bryan, Jody Stevens, Jeff Stevens)
3. “Strip It Down” (Bryan, Jon Nite, Je. Stevens)
4. “Home Alone Tonight” (Feat. Karen Fairchild) (Jo. Stevens, Cole Taylor, Jaida Dreyer, Tommy Cecil)
5. “Razor Blade” (Jeff Hyde, Ryan Tyndell, Rodney Clawson)
6. “Fast” (Bryan, Clawson, Luke Laird)
7. “Move” (Bryan, Michael Carter, Jay Clementi)
8. “Just Over” (Chase McGill, Brad Tursi, Jessie Jo Dillon)
9. “Love It Gone” (Jo. Stevens, Clementi)
10. “Way Way Back” (Bryan, Gorley, Clawson)
11. “To the Moon and Back” (Tom Douglas, Hillary Lindsey, Tony Lane)
12. “Huntin, Fishin’ and Lovin’ Every Day” (Bryan, Davidson, Rhett Akins, Ben Hayslip)
13. “Scarecrows” (Gorley, Trevor Rosen, Shane McAnally)

Target Exclusive Tracks:
1. “Corner Booth” (Bryan, Cole Swindell, Jimmy Robbins)
2. “Little Boys Grow Up and Dogs Get Old” (Bryan, Lane)
3. “Buddies” (Bryan, Davidson)

The Scoop:

Released on Aug. 7.

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