Tim McGraw would love 'two lanes of freedom' to push the pedal to the metal and live out his NASCAR dreams. He recently admitted that not only does he love watching the stock car racing event, he would also like to do a movie about it, so he can experience flying around the track. 

“I’m a huge NASCAR fan,” McGraw tells GAC. “I was a big Dale Earnhardt fan. So that was a tragic day when that happened and I’ve been a Dale, Jr. fan since then ‘cause of the legacy.”

Now, with experience in a few movies, the 'Highway Don't Care' hitmaker would be open to putting on a helmet and speeding around in front of the cameras. “I’d love to do a NASCAR movie one day,” he confesses. “That would be a lot of fun. Play some drivers. 'Days of Thunder 2' or something, you never know.”

Although he'd certainly jump on the opportunity if it arose, fans can breath easily knowing he'd be sure to adhere to safety standards and be home as often as he could, since he recently explained that in the McGraw-Hill household, family comes first.

Before donning the flashy NASCAR driving gear, McGraw hits the road for his Two Lanes of Freedom Tour next month. Although he probably won't be doing the driving, at least he'll be able to catch a few races on TV!

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