Over the past 10 years, Toby Keith has been the most-played artist on country radio. His feat as one of country music's most influential artists was enough to garner the win for Artist of the Decade at the 2011 American Country Awards on Monday night (Dec. 5).

When Keith emerged from the smoke, the entire room at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas rose to their feet to pay honor to the amazing singer-songwriter that stood before them.

"Thank you very much," Keith said over the cheering fans who proudly waived their red Solo Cups high in the air. "I want to thank the fans .... You guys keep us out on the road and keep requesting stuff and keep us in business. We had a great decade, and I hope we have another one. I'm ready to party in Vegas!"

Before he could head out to celebrate his victory, Keith closed out the 2011 ACA's with a performance of his latest hit single, 'Red Solo Cup.' Besides his normal band backing him for the infections song and memorable performance, the song's four writers -- Jim and Brett Beavers and the Warren Brothers (Brett and Brad Warren) -- provided additional harmonies and commentary throughout the song.

For the song's final chorus, a majority of performers, presenters and winners from the night joined Keith on stage, holding their own red Solos, of course, clinking cups and singing the lyrics. The atmosphere in the room confirmed why Toby Keith is the Artist of the Decade.

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