Laryngitis certainly afflicts vocalists quite a bit on the road, and country singer Toby Keith is the latest to fall victim to this pesky and problematic throat ailment. The only cure for laryngitis is rest and limited usage of the voice. Keith posted a tweet and Facebook update about his battle with the throat issue, saying that a bout with laryngitis has forced him to cancel yesterday's planned appearance at Canada's Big Valley Jamboree.

Keith tweeted: "Laryngitis & doc’s advice forced me to cancel my show at BVJ. Hate that I had to do that. Thx to Ronnie Dunn 4 extending his set & thanks to u all 4 ur get well messages." At least Dunn came to Keith's rescue with an assist by playing a little longer to fill the gap of time and to make up for Keith's inability to perform. That was a great move on Dunn's part.

Keith's Facebook status update was similar with a wee bit more detail: "A severe case of Laryngitis and doctor’s advice forced me to cancel my show at Big Valley Jamboree. Hate that I had to do that. Thanks to Ronnie Dunn for extending his set and thanks for all of your get well messages."

There is no word yet on whether or not Keith's upcoming tour dates will go on as scheduled. We do know that Keith should rest his voice to avoid risking further damage to his moneymaker. Get well soon, Toby!

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