Few things are as country as cornbread, and apparently Toby Keith's daughter Krystal makes music that is just that: country as cornbread. In an interview with The Boot, the outspoken Keith talked about recent recording sessions with his baby girl. Of course he is a proud papa and perhaps a bit biased, but he likened his daughter to an era of country music gone by.

Keith revealed that the apple didn't fall far from the tree, saying, "She's like me, she sings hard, and she's just country as cornbread. I have to let her go with that." He is pitching in with the songwriting process for his daughter, revealing, "The guys I write with have started bringing some ideas in, and we've been writing songs for her. It's neat, I've never written songs from a girl's eye. Writing songs about guys is easy, but we've written some nice stuff for her and she loves it."

In addition to testing out a new lyrical perspective for himself, Keith said the recording sessions are going swimmingly well since Krystal has been around music her entire life, given dear ol' dad's career. "I told my kids I'd help them if they wanted a career in music, but they had to go to college first," Keith said. "Krystal complied and now she is on to the next phase of her career. Now we've been in the studio."

The beaming father deemed his daughter's style as "old school country," dismissing the notion that there might be anything frothy about her music, declaring, "There's nothing pop about her." Krystal's stylistic influences are in her DNA, as Keith said his mother sounded like the legendary Patsy Cline "and that type of music really fits Krys.

"When I first started to figure out what direction I should be going with her, it was hard for me to get away from that," Keith continued. "I thought, 'I have to let her be herself and not think of it from a commercial side. I have to let her cut the best songs she can cut and let her do what she does best and not make something out of here that she's not.' She's a throwback to the old stuff."

Speaking of old school, the Keiths released a remake of the James Taylor/Carly Simon duet 'Mockingbird' in 2004, and even performed the number at the CMAs that year.

Watch Toby and Krystal Keith Perform 'Mockingbird' at the 2004 CMA Awards