Toby Keith is making the national TV rounds this week. Fresh off the mid-afternoon performance of his smash single 'Red Solo Cup' on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show,' Keith promptly hit 'The Tonight Show With Jay Leno.' It was a fantastic way to spend a late Friday night (March 16) as the singer rolled through his ode to tossing back a beverage. It's not lost on us that Keith is doing a TV run right smack dab in the middle of Spring Break season and the night before St. Patrick's Day either. Let's have a party, right?

Keith performed amid bales of hay and kegs strategically positioned on the stage. They were placed in front of the drum kit and behind the singer and his players. The props certainly helped bring an authentic country music vibe to 'The Tonight Show.'

Leno gave Keith a big ol' hug after the singer performed. Fast forward to the 38-minute mark in the episode below in order to enjoy 'Red Solo Cup.'

It was also super cute when Leno introduced Keith to one of his couch guests, an adorable little boy from Tennessee named H.L. McCullough who has an astounding, encyclopedic knowledge of all of the presidents of the United States and an extremely thick accent. Keith fist bumped the little guy. Maybe they talked about which Commander-in-Chief is their favorite while they were in the green room.


Watch Toby Keith Perform 'Red Solo Cup' on 'Jay Leno'