Maybe it really is true that you just can't do it all. At least that's what 'Red Solo Cup' singer Toby Keith seems to be discovering. After making appearances in the movies 'Beer for My Horses' and 'Broken Bridges,' Keith says he's throwing in the acting towel for good -- but not because he didn't enjoy it.

“When I did the movies, it affected my (song)writing," he tells the Country Vibe. "I think I had quality songs and we had hits and stuff but it affected my day-to-day, my system, my routine and the volume of songs that I bring to the table when I record an album.” And while some might argue that a big screen appearance would bolster Keith's music career and sales, the singer says that just wasn't the case.

“I got little or no bang," he says. "You know songs get heard on the radio forever, but movies are like here and then they’re gone. They’re not re-currents. You heard the song today and then you hear it tomorrow and then 10 years from now you’ll still hear it every once in a while, but you’ll hear it more than you’ll see that movie replay. There’s just not enough bang for my buck to waste that much time into a project.” Plus, the hitmaker's not really looking for ways to get his name out there, and he did take the time to try something totally new. He's just not going to continue down that same path.

“I proved to myself I could do it, proved to myself I could write a screenplay, proved to myself that I could act and be in a movie with the Burt Reynolds and Kelly Prestons and people like that of the world, Tess Harpers and hold my own," he says. "And it was like, ‘Alright, I done that.  Now what did I get out of that?’ Other than the experience, we’re good."