Toby Keith serves up more than few drinks in his 'Hope on the Rocks' video -- he offers up slices of life as he plays bartender, listening to the life stories of regular people and lending a helping hand.

The video does an effective job capturing small town life in the space of four minutes, also demonstrating the plight of the average American, who sometimes has nowhere to turn but to the guy rustling up the drinks at the watering hole.

Keith takes the keys away from a drunk customer who is in no condition to drive, and he dances with a girl looking sad and lonely. He generally tries to improve the lives of others in his 'Hope on the Rocks' video, simply by being a listening ear -- someone who cares. That's all he can do, really, and it means a lot.

The singer pretty much transports the viewer to small-town America with the video, which tugs at the heartstrings and tells plenty of stories in a small amount of time. It's the perfect visual complement to a storytelling country song.

It could be you. It could be me. It could be the guy next door. It could be the person ahead of you at the checkout line in the supermarket. The characters spotlighted in the black and white clip -- like the shelter-seeking woman asleep in the bathroom -- could be any one of us. Life is hard, but if you have someone to lean on (even if only your trusty barkeep), then things start to look up a little.