Four new videos debut on this week's Top 10 Countdown poll, including new clips from superstars Taylor Swift and Kellie Pickler. Fans can vote on 'Red' for the first time, as well as 'Someone Somewhere Tonight,' the new video from Pickler which co-stars her 'Dancing With the Stars' partner Derek Hough.

Billy Currington's 'Hey Girl' and Sarah Darling's 'Little Umbrellas' also appear for the first time. The new additions promise to make an already exciting voting week even more compelling. Last week's Top 10 Countdown was decided by less than one-half percent, with 'See You Again' by Carrie Underwood nudging past 'Power of a Love Song' by Tate Stevens.

Vote for up to 10 videos up to once every hour until the poll closes on Friday at 12PM ET. The Taste of Country Top 10 Video Countdown will be revealed shortly afterward. Fan votes are the only factor in deciding the Top 10. Videos are removed from the poll after six months, after fans lose interest or if an artist releases a new video for a more current single.

*Poll is Now Closed!