In Carrie Underwood's world, a song that only reaches No. 2 on the Billboard charts is a disappointment. Country music's original American Idol winner has very rarely had a hit chart lower; over a dozen have reached No. 1, and she's scored several additional hits with her latest album, Cry Pretty.

"Jesus Take the Wheel" was her first country release, but "Inside Your Heaven" was her American Idol finale song, and it quickly launched to No. 1 on the all-genre charts. Believe it or not, there was some doubt as to whether Underwood would stick to country or immediately try to flourish on pop radio. We think she made the right choice.

Only one of the above-mentioned songs can be found on this Top 10 Carrie Underwood Songs list. It's filled with heavy metal for sales certifications, but more importantly, it's a list filled with memorable stories and a few lessons for men thinking about doing wrong by their women.

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    "See You Again"

    From Blown Away (2012)

    "See You Again" is our second favorite of Underwood's song's about faith and inspiration. It's a power ballad that showcases her amazing range, although don't they all? The platinum single earned positive reviews and several World Music Awards nominations. Nope, we didn't know that existed until today either.

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    "Love Wins"

    From Cry Pretty (2018)

    Underwood scored one of her most recent hits with "Love Wins," a powerful message ballad from Cry Pretty. The second single from the album features Underwood delivering a hopeful message that's exactly what fans need to hear in hard times. Underwood co-wrote "Love Wins" with Brett James and David Garcia, and she co-produced the track with Garcia, scoring a No. 11 hit.

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    From Storyteller (2015)
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    "Good Girl"

    From Blown Away (2012)

    The lead single from Underwood's fourth studio album set the tone for what was to come from the project. This 2012 version of the "All-American Girl" was suddenly vengeful and dangerous. Fans loved it. The song quickly topped the charts and sold one million singles to go Platinum. But her darkest days were still to come.

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    "Mama's Song"

    From Play On (2009)

    "Mama's Song" is a tough one to figure out. It wasn't Underwood's most commercially successful cut, although it'd eventually go Gold, and it didn't reach No. 1, but it was nominated for multiple awards, including a Grammy and BMI award. Her fans are somewhat split on this tender ballad from Play On. On one hand, it comes off as a much-too-personal love letter to her mother about her hubby Mike Fisher, but she wrote it prior to her engagement. Depending on your point of view, it's either precious or too gooey to get through. You decide.

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    "Last Name"

    From Carnival Ride (2007)

    The 2009 Grammy for Best Female Country Vocal Performance went to Carrie Underwood for this song, No. 6 on the Top 10 Carrie Underwood Songs list. The video was a sort of sequel to 'Before He Cheats,' and this was the second time fans got to see Underwood's more spirited side. Would the girl who sings 'Jesus Take the Wheel' really be a part of a drunken wedding in the Sin City? Not likely, which is exactly why we loved this song so much. "Last Name" reached No. 1 and sold over a million singles. It was another single from the Carnival Ride album co-written by the singer herself.

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    "Two Black Cadillacs"

    From Blown Away (2012)

    Had Underwood released "Two Black Cadillacs" to radio before "Blown Away" it's possible one would find these two dramatic songs flipped on this list. The Stephen King-inspired hit produced one of her best music videos and is one of her top storytelling songs. It's a sinfully good song, good for No. 4 on our list of Top 10 Carrie Underwood songs.

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    "Jesus Take the Wheel"

    From Some Hearts (2005)

    Underwood's debut country single won a lot of hardware for her mantel. It was nominated for all of the alphabet award shows and took home a Grammy for Country Song of the Year in 2007. Perhaps the best thing about the "Jesus Take the Wheel" lyrics, aside from emotional story they tell, is that songwriters Hillary Lindsey, Gordie Sampson and Brett James found an original way to sing about religion. That's no easy accomplishment; just think about all the songs about God ever recorded. The No. 1 hit went Platinum quickly.

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    "Blown Away"

    From Blown Away (2012)

    Carrie Underwood picked up two Grammy Awards for "Blown Away" in 2013, leaving little doubt as to how an industry would respond to her change in attitude. The singer wraps the songs in fantasy, but at the core of this rocker was a very real problem for too many Americans. Overall, it's among her finest vocal performances and one of the most creative singles she's ever released.

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    "Before He Cheats"

    From Some Hearts (2005)

    "Before He Cheats" sold more singles and charted higher than any other Carrie Underwood country song on the all-genre charts, reaching No. 8 in 2006. It's also inspired one of the Top 10 videos of the decade, and one of the best karaoke fails every uploaded to YouTube. Suddenly, we looked at this sweet little girl from Checotah, Okla. in a whole new way. The cute blonde who gave us "Jesus Take the Wheel" and "Don't Forget to Remember Me" is wearing black, faux-leather pants and a new attitude. This song made everything Underwood did much more interesting, which is why "Before He Cheats" is the No. 1 song on the Top 10 Carrie Underwood Songs list.