Trace Adkins narrates the adventures of two semi-exhibitionist barnyard lovebirds in his new single 'Brown Chicken Brown Cow,' named after the witnesses of the workers' romantic trysts.  The song is the lead track and second single from Adkins' 2010 album 'Cowboy's Back in Town.' 

A crunchy funk-rock electric guitar riff struts around throughout the song, taking center stage as an arena-ready rhythm section bashes away behind it. Really, the whole thing is a banjo away from being an Aerosmith song.

That same comparison holds true for the lyrics, in which Adkins pulls off the double entendre fake out.  When he says the corn needs shucking or the hay needs hauling, that's exactly what he means.  It's just that none of it is happening because the two co-workers are up in the barn ripping their clothes off:

"They're climbing up the ladder / Clear through the loft / Shaking those dirty old work clothes off / Singing brown chicken brown cow / Ain't nobody watching but the brown chicken, brown cow."

The biggest question the song raises: Are people who get frisky in front of animals exhibitionists? It's a debate we're sure many pet-owning couples have from time to time. It seems pretty clear the crows, cows and chickens in this story know what's going on. Do you think this couple would act the same if they knew that?

Listen to Trace Adkins, 'Brown Chicken Brown Cow'

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