We've seen Charlie Brown play football and baseball... perhaps he's better at golf. The Peanuts character apparently was a part of Trace Adkins' foursome this week. The country singer tweeted this picture of himself standing next to Snoopy's best friend on Tuesday.

"Didn't realize Chuck was so tall," Adkins tweeted along with the pic. At 6 ft., 6 in., the 'Them Lips' singer usually towers over everyone he's around, but Charlie Brown is up to his ears with golf spikes on. He also has a head as wide as Adkins' barrel chest.

When he's not golfing, Adkins has been busy recording music for a new album and a new music video as of late. Last week, his wife Rhonda tweeted pictures from the set of the 'Them Lips (On Mine)' video. It's not clear when the video or album will be released.