Florida Georgia Line's Tyler Hubbard is enjoying fatherhood, and his wife, Hayley, is capturing every adorable moment. A new video snippet uploaded to Instagram shows Hubbard talking to his infant daughter, Olivia, and she can't get enough.

His wife notes that Hubbard is practically speaking another language — it's pretty much undecipherable — but Olivia laughs at every word as if she knows exactly what he's saying. "Still not sure what language Tyler’s teaching Liv but she sure thinks it’s funny," Hayley writes.

Olivia Hubbard was born on Dec. 23, 2017, and she's accomplished a lot in her short four months of life. Since Mom and Dad announced they were expecting last summer, Olivia has already attended her first concert and first major music festival. On April 4, she even made her stage debut when Florida Georgia Line played a show in downtown Nashville. At the end of the month, she got to go to Stagecoach!

Little Liv has already made some famous friends, too. She posed for a photo with her parents and Walmart Boy, Mason Ramsey, following his surprise appearance at Stagecoach, as well as met her dad's duet partner, Bebe Rexha, during a recent appearance on Ellen.

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