Even Angels make mistakes -- something Victoria's Secret model Jessica Hart has learned the hard way. After snubbing fan-favorite singer Taylor Swift in an interview, she says she's learned her lesson.

Hart recently graced the cover of Vogue Australia, and within the pages of the magazine, she admits that her comments about Swift weren't her most graceful moment. “It was taken out of context, but I have certainly learnt my lesson," she says.

As a recap, during press interviews for the VS Fashion Show, Hart was asked if Swift had what it took to join the Angels' team team. After all, the star did rock the catwalk in two smashing performances, earning rave reviews from just about everyone -- except for Hart, who said bluntly at the time, "She didn't fit."

Of course, the wrath of Swifties worldwide caused Hart to quickly take back her words. "I can’t imagine why I would have said anything bad about her," she reflected, but it was too late -- Hart had to learn the very hard lesson of what happens when you insult a singer who is loved globally across different genres of music.