Weird Al has parodied a lot of folks in the past -- most recently Lady Gaga with his 'Perform This Way' spoof -- but he hasn't touched on the innocent Taylor Swift ... until now. On his new 'Alpocalypse' album, which dropped on June 21, Al made fun of the 'You Belong With Me' singer's big hit with his new rendition, 'TMZ.'

"You're sorta famous, a minor celebrity / And so it only makes sense the world would be / Obsessed with every single thing you do," the funny spoof man sings in the song's intro.

As the song progresses, so do the funnies, as Al creates images of the TMZ paps trying to catch Taylor Swift in her sweatpants, stalking her through her window as she scurries to tame her hair.

But the absolute highlight of the track is the chorus: "If they ever catch you picking your nose / Or stumbling the street on a drunken spree / You're on TMZ / Stalking you, just waiting by your front door / Trailing you through airport security / They're with TMZ / They're with TMZ."

Obviously, 'TMZ' is more of a stab at the privacy-invading media stalkers than the 21-year-old pop-country icon, but we do think it's cute to think about T. Swift doing something "embarrassing." Surely Al doesn't mean her, though, when he refers to a "flabby behind."

Listen to Weird Al's 'You Belong With Me' Parody, 'TMZ'