The video still above is from a music video that's more like a movie than a music visual. It tells an emotional story, and is a very powerful song. This part is the first flashback from a series of flashbacks. The singer is reminiscing on a difficult past, and the person holding this significant necklace drops it abruptly in the flashback. Think you may know what video this is?

As you can probably tell from the still, this video is definitely many years old. This version of the song came out in 1991, but it's not an original. Another female singer made it famous back in the late 1960s. The story is about a heroine who overcomes the odds, coming from poverty to become something she could eventually be proud of. In this video, she goes back to where it all began and endures many flashbacks about her less-than-positive upbringing. We don't want to give away too much — so do you think you know the video yet? Find out below, and then try your hand at a few more video trivia games. We know you can do it!

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