This pretty lady is at the forefront of this music video that makes us ready for a vacation! The singer is living life on a beautiful tropical trip when he meets the girl of his dreams. Do you know what music video this beautiful blonde stars in? Take a guess!

In this music video, this tropical paradise will have you ready to don your bathing suit and flip flops. As soon as the blue water is seen, the artist is saluting his friends with a nice, cold shot of tequila. When he and his friends decide to hit the beach town, he sees this gorgeous video girl and her friends. It's love -- or lust -- at first sight. Do you think you know the clip yet?

This song was the singer's fourth-ever single, and he co-wrote it with Ross Copperman and Heather Morgan. The singer dropped it in Sept. of 2013 and the video came early the following year. It was shot in the beautiful Bahamas in Staniel Cay.

Now do you think you know what video this is from? Click below and see how well you know your country video trivia.

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