Does this music video still look familiar to you? The location may look familiar — it's a famous, iconic venue in Nashville. The guy holding a guitar is the video's star, but he's not the singer of the song. Do you think you know it yet?

This single dropped in August of 2013, and the singer helped to co-write the track about staying true to what you love. The singer wants to be true to his favorite guitar, his old truck and, of course, his lover. The song debuted in an unusual place — on The View, when the singer was there to help co-host.

A music video for this track dropped the same month, but it was the live video for the song. The official video dropped in October, and was directed by Wes Edwards. The song was well received by fans; it went to No. 1 on the Billboard Country Airplay chart. Now do you know the video? Click below and see if you're right before trying a few more video trivia questions.