This convertible is one way to escape heartbreak, or at least that's true in this visual. In this music video a woman's discussing her heartbreak, saying she's in a much better place now that she's out of that relationship.

The video begins with the singer being introspective in her home, thinking about her lost love. She's flipping through old photos, reliving old memories and looking a little down in the dumps. So what's a girl to do when her heart's been broken? Call up her best girlfriends, of course. They sip on coffee, shop at the record store and take the car for a spin with the top down. Did this give it away yet?

This song was released in 2015 as this singer's debut single. It was the lead single from her debut album, and the song was successful on the country charts. She peaked at No. 34 on the Country Airplay chart. The singer helped to co-write the song with a few other talented individuals, about a real relationship she had. Jennifer Hanson, Jenn Schott and Nathan Chapman helped to make the story a hit.

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