This video is pure country! Those long legs belong to the singer of this song — carefully taking care of that four-legged beauty on a farm. Do you think you know this flashback video? Find out below!

The setting for this music video is a farm amidst the mountains. The singer is a farmhand, working hard to take care of the horses (and maybe a dog or two). She dons denim on denim and somehow manages to make it look sexy while singing the song on the green grass. You may also remember one truly memorable scene where she's in her farmhouse, taking a bubble bath and being kissed on the nose by her horse friend.

The quality of this video tells us it definitely wasn't shot in the last few years. The song was released in 1995, and is as catchy as it was popular. It was the singer's very first No. 1 hit on country radio. That wasn't all, though — it also became a pop crossover. The tune racked up several awards for the singer, who is still around today.

Now do you know what music video that still belongs to? Click below and see if you're correct!