This music video is great for any romantic, even if you can't tell by the still. The visual is all about love and in the photo above, these boys are sitting around a campfire hearing a sweet tale of true romance. Do you think you can guess the video?

This sweet video starts with a little boy and girl playing in a field, which then cuts to a gorgeous sunset. A few minutes later viewers are transported to a crackling fire, where the singer sits around with his guitar telling the story of young romance. Everyone around the fire roasts marshmallows while listening to the song's reminiscent lyrics. The couple in the story is seen throughout the video playing horseshoes, having a picnic and riding in a tire swing.

The song that belongs to this video came out in 1995, and the singer also co-wrote the tune. The song was almost a No. 1 single, peaking just short at No. 2. Do you think you can guess what music video this photo belongs to? Go on, give it your best shot. While you're at it, see if you can guess any other videos by clicking below.