The music video this still comes from is beautiful and simple. It's the visual for a deep, meaningful song and only the singer's second single. Do you think you know this video?

This song was released in September of 2012 as an up-and-coming singer's second single. Although he was just jumping into the music business, he comes from a music business family. One of his parents was a singer, and is now an important songwriter. The music video premiered a few months after the single was released, and was directed by Peter Zavadil. The scene for the video is this venue pictured above, the famed Nick’s Gaslight Restaurant on the outskirts of Detroit.

The song reflects on what it would be like to sit down with a higher power (did we give it away yet?) and what questions one might ask. The song's message is powerful, and was a different direction for the singer following his debut, which was more fun and upbeat. Do you think you know what music video we're talking about? Click below and find out, and see how many music video trivia questions you can get right!

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