If this video still shot looks like war, that's because it is! This video shows the battle that is the end of a relationship. The intense and the bad that is a breakup. Do you think you know this 2013 music video?

This image of the all-black team is just one half of the battle; what you're not seeing is who they're going to war with. They're battling against the all-white team, and it's a battle royale until the end! They're human chess pieces, and in between fight scenes, the song is performed by the band  — and they're even wearing a little war paint on their faces. If this video feels like a breakup does, it's definitely doing its job.

The song was released back in March of 2013, the second single from an album. Two members of the group co-wrote the song with a couple more talented individuals. The song's meaning is being finished with a relationship when its time has finally come — something that isn't easy to do (it's a battle of sorts). Do you think you know this video? Click the button below and see how well you know your country music video trivia! Good luck!

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