Like all of us, Wheeler Walker Jr. bleeds. His new song "Summers in Kentucky" proves his heart aches for love's carnal pleasures.

The XXX-rated country song is a traditional, tear-in-the-beer ballad right up until the chorus. It's the kind of comedic country song that has one waiting, and waiting and waiting for the punchline and then ... yep! There it is. OMG, there it is!

You probably want to wear headphones if you're around a more discerning crowd right now.

Walker Jr. has the courage to sing about things most in country music won't. It's hard to argue they should — discretion and the FCC will likely push his music to the edges of the genre — but his presence shouldn't be diminished. "Summers in Kentucky" is an authentic country song, even if it is unfit for tender ears. Beneath the pornography, the emotion is universal. You may hear a little bit of your own formative years in this song from Ol' Wheeler.

Or you may just hear a song meant to provoke and amuse.

Did You Know?: While Walker Jr. wrote this song himself, he had help from songwriters like Shane McAnally on his new Ol' Wheeler album.

Listen to Wheeler Walker Jr., "Summers in Kentucky" 

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Wheeler Walker Jr.'s "Summers in Kentucky" Lyrics:

Sneaking out of my house, I was just 16 / Met you in the dark, down by the creek / We messed around 'til we got cold feet / Summers in Kentucky they were hard to beat.

25 years later our lives have changed / Meeting girls on the road who are half my age / Sometimes I think about the creek while I'm on stage / Summers in Kentucky man I miss that place.

You used to press your p---y up against my mouth / Now you've had a couple kids and it's all stretched out / Starting to think we can figure it out / Summers in Kentucky, wanna be back now.

If you ever feel like ditching your man / Grab your kids, hit the road with a country band / There's room for all y'all inside of my van / Start our lives all over again.

Heard you gained a few, got saggy t--s / But who am I to say cause I've aged like s--t / That's why I think we'd be the perfect fit / Summers in Kentucky man, I sure miss it / I'd give up all the p---y and the young, shaved m--f / Bring your flabby a-- back that'd be enough / You and I are both looking pretty rough / Since the summers in Kentucky, man I miss that stuff.

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