Whey Jennings is keeping it old school in his new video for "Old Country Song," and he's also invited a fascinating cast of characters to join him on the project.

Jennings — whose grandfather was country icon Waylon Jennings — worked with Wes Shipp on the song, and he invited some other legacy country names to join in the video shoot, including Jesse Keith Whitley and John Paycheck. Outlaw country singer Creed Fisher also joins him in the video, and Jennings calls it "dumb luck" that it all came together the way it did.

"I looked up and there they were," he states, adding that he and Fisher have been friends for nearly a decade, and now they are label mates at Dirt Rock Empire.

"John Paycheck just so happened to be in town, and same for Jesse Keith Whitely. Jesse Keith and I have been friends for five or six years, and I’ve always enjoyed working on various things with him over the past few years," he adds. "We all just happened to be in the same town, at one time, and as rare as that is considering how busy we all stay, I’d call it dumb luck or call it a blessing. Whatever it was, I'm glad it happened! It’s always good seeing my brothers and catching up whenever we can."

Jennings filmed the "Old Country Song" video at Music City Bar & Grill, and the venue is the perfect setting, featuring a pool table and pictures of classic country stars lining the walls. The clip centers around a musician who's hoping a shared love of old-school country music is going to stack the odds in his favor with a woman in the audience who's requesting the classics.

"I'll go on break and I'll ask her name / If I'm lucky, I'll take her home / 'Cause I ain't never gone wrong with an old country song," Jennings sings.

In a classic country twist, the last verse reveals that it worked out far better than he ever dreamed.

Jennings tells Taste of Country that he's completely committed to traditional country music.

"People like us, traditional country music fans, are a dying breed, and by 'us' I don't mean just artists," he states. "There's a large cult following for old country music loving men and women, and we are all like-minded individuals that when old country songs are played, it brings us all together. With me and fans, I ain't never gone wrong with an old country song, so you can plan on me to keep the tradition alive for as long as I can."

"Old Country Song" appears on Jennings' Just Before the Dawn album, which is set for release on Sept. 22.

"These are the greatest songs I've ever released, written, or had any part of in my career," he states. "They highlight my past, my present, and my future. I believe they will speak to a large audience and be accepted in an amazing way. That's how I feel about this project and I pray fans feel the same."

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