Credit 'Survivor' for another marriage, as country singer Whitney Duncan will soon wed Keith Tollefson, her boyfriend of nearly two years, whom she met during 'Survivor: South Pacific' filming.

Duncan shared the news with fans on Twitter on Valentine's Day, and included a picture of the ring. Me & @keithtollefson are Engaged!!!" she wrote, adding later, "I'm going to marry this man!"

At the time of filming, Tollefson was a water treatment technician from Edina, Minn. Duncan was an aspiring country music singer who scored a minor hit in 2009 with 'Skinny Dippin'' on Warner Bros. Records. She also appeared on the 2007 season of 'Nashville Star,' finishing fifth. In recent years, she's led the public charge for information about the disappearance of her cousin, Holly Bobo.

Duncan and Tollefson's relationship created a stir at its start because Duncan was still married to musician Donny Fallgatter when her new romance blossomed. They divorced in 2011.